How to Give Your Customers the Tools They Need to Effectively Use Your Product or Service

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Your customers demand more of you nowadays. When the Internet was young and fresh, you could get away with sending PDF files as instruction manuals. In fact, it was better to show off the flashy new file format. Now, PDF files are a bit overplayed. Everyone hands them out like they’re free – wait, they are. And that’s the problem. There’s no perception of value on virtual documents anymore. You need to up your game a bit and give your customers better tools.

A Mobile Application

mobile application Mobile apps are “hot” right now, but they may not be just another flash in the pan. Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs, once said that apps were the future. More and more apps are being created, and downloaded, than ever before. Today, you almost never hear anyone talk about “software programs” anymore. It’s a “self-contained” application with a cute icon and connectivity with other apps.

Mobile apps aren’t all that difficult to create if you have a designer do the heavy lifting for you. Basically, what you want to create is an app that allows your customers to download private videos from your company’s server. Videos that no one else has access to.

That does two things. First, videos have a high perceived value. They are like the old “PDF” files that you gave away for free 10 years ago. Second, a proprietary download app connected to your company’s servers allows your customers to access and watch videos without having to stream them. Why is this important?

In an age when cellular service providers don’t offer unlimited bandwidth anymore, streaming comes at a premium price. Instead of forcing users to stream your content, you can compress the video and have them watch it straight from their hard drive. No buffering. No lag.

A Private YouTube Channel

Private YouTube Channel A private YouTube channel is one of the best ways to share updates and news with your customers. You don’t want everyone to have access to your videos though, which is why you keep the channel private and hand out the URL to customers as they come on board with your company.

Of course, you face the same problem as with any other streaming video: bandwidth limitations. To get around that, encourage users to download a YTD Video Downloader or something similar that can download YouTube videos for later viewing.

In most cases, people have either unlimited Internet bandwidth at home over WiFi, or they have a favorite coffee shop nearby, with free WiFi, that they can take advantage of.

A Physical Guide

 What’s old is new again. Remember physical guides. Yes, paper. Paper is making a comeback. With everyone “going green,” it’s becoming more and more rare to see physical guidebooks, but you can still pull this off. Offer your customers a nicely put together guide about your products and services – full-color, laminated, glossy, high-res images. Make it look like something a fortune 500 company put together. Your customers will love you – guaranteed.

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Guest Author: Paul Moss is a salesman. He loves sharing his tips for making customers lives easier on small business blogs.

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