How to Sell Your Photos Online

Sell Images Online

With webmasters and online marketers using photos to increase their brand reach, there is increased potential for photographers to make real passive income with their photos. There are numerous options to monetize the photos you take online, apart from just selling them online. When correctly set up, your photography business can bring in quite a bit of extra cash.

Before we begin showing you how to sell photos online, it is important, first of all, to discuss the kinds of photos people want. At the moment, bloggers and website owners will make up the bulk of your customers if you decide to sell your images. Nearly every piece of content posted on the web requires an image and the following are just some of the subjects that are in demand;

  • Photos of people
  • Photos of people in work situations
  • Photos of travel and cities
  • Photos of nature and animals
  • Photos of things such as tools, computer etc.

With those subjects in mind, you probably already have some images in your portfolio that you can sell right now. If you don’t, you can easily go out and take some. It is vital, however, that the images be of the highest quality. There is a lot of competition and only high-quality images can hope to be in demand.

How Do You Actually Sell Images Online?

Once you have the images, you may be wondering how you can actually begin the process of making money from your images. The first way to do that is from your own website. You can display the photos on your website and place a shopping cart below each image to allow those interested to easily make the purchase.

Selling the images on your website could be a great way to make money from them, but there is a far better alternative. Consider choosing stock photo sites as an alternative way to sell your images. These photos are the go-to solution for all webmasters and bloggers looking for images, which removes the burden and cost of marketing.

Also, you stand a chance to make so much more from selling your photos on these stock photos sites such as compared to what you would make selling them directly on your website. The reason for this is simple; your photos will remain on the website until you decide to remove them and in this time, they can be sold over and over, earning you a passive income.

Of all these stock photo sites, one stands out. Clickasnap will provide you with all the service you would find on an ordinary stock photo website and you’ll also get paid when people view your photo. On this site, you don’t have to sell an image; you get paid when people view them. At the same time, Clickasnap also offers you protection from image theft. It comes with technology that prevents unauthorized individuals from downloading your images before buying. As far as we can tell, this is the only website that does this.

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