How To Use Magento Social Login for Your Website?

Magento Extension

Decades ago, business promos were quite limited and many were not able to make it to global audiences. The reason is limited contacts and connections they possessed. However, today the advent of technology has opened the doors of business to the world with the help of numerous tools. One such powerful and cost-effective way of connecting with global audiences to re-define your marketing strategy is social media. The sky rocket growth of social media platforms have forced many businesses to adopt to social-media marketing and leverage customers. However, it isn’t that easy! But, when done perfectly, the results are incredibly fruitful. Tapping the social networks is the best and easiest way to give your business a competitive edge over other businesses. However, one question still remains! How to connect your business websites with these beneficial social networks? Well, this article shines a light on how to connect your websites with the social networks and how to develop traffic accordingly.

 Magento Extension

Social Media Extensions:

Today, we have surplus social media extensions which help a great deal in connecting your website with social networks effortlessly. Offering customers a great deal of comfort is the ideal way to improve business and enjoy profits. In fact, most customers face uphill tasks while purchasing products on ecommerce websites as the process is found to be too complicated. To make the entire process of purchasing goods as well as connecting with your customers easy, the smartest way is to implement social media extensions. Today, we have numerous social media extensions that could really help your business grow massively. Some of the interesting social media extensions that could help your business grow tremendously include Social Login, Facebook App, Lucky Draw, etc. Each and every extension has its unique and exclusive features which in turn help business owners to meet outstanding results. While Facebook app helps to create a Facebook online store, social login helps to smarten the process of sign up to customers. Today, we are going to discuss about magento social login extension and how it benefits various businesses.

Why Magento Social Login?

One of the commonest problems faced by most customers while visiting a new online store to purchase products is the process of the sign up. Customers often face the uphill tasks of filling numerous forms during the sign up process which leaves them completely annoyed. In fact, customers leaving online stores are increasing day-by-day due to the boring form filling process they encounter on the websites. The bounce rate of customers leaving the online store while signing up is increasing steeply. However, as an online entrepreneur, you have to make it entirely short and sweet for the customers to enjoy stress-free shipping.  How to reduce the sign up process? Well, it is quite possible with the help of the smart social login extension. Today, plenty of online stores come up with this special extension; however, find the best one that is cost-effective and smart enough to drive more customers to your website.

How It Works?

Well, on purchasing a best social login extension from the market, the next step you have to do is to implement it in your website. In fact, it is quite easy to install and execute. After installation, you would find the icons of various social networks on your website which help create a quick user account. The users have to just click on the icons with which they are connected and on doing so their information will be pulled from the respective account. For instance, say if the user clicks the LinkedIn account, the photo, name and email information would be pulled from the profile. From the next access, the users will be allowed to login using the LinkedIn account login effectively and any updates related to products would be subsequently sent to the customers via email provided with the LinkedIn account.

How It Benefits?

 Just imagine the time this nifty extension saves for your customers! Time means money to the customers and speeding the process of sign up would obviously make them happy which in turn forces them to buy products on your online store. Also, following up the customers becomes quite easy with the help of this powerful plugin. At the same time, you could the social media accounts to your website account effectively. This is a great strategy to improve your business goals as promoting your products using social media accounts is the easiest and ideal way. Today more numbers of companies are switching to social login extensions to ease down the tedious sign up process encountered by customers. This nifty plugin has become a huge hit in today’s market and the increasing number of downloads says at all.  

Does It help Improve Conversion? 

Of course, by implementing this innovative extension in the Magento websites, the chance of improving the customer conversion rate is relatively high. The simplest nature of signing up to the websites is the reason behind the improvement of conversion rates. It has been proved that the conversion rate is found to be increased more than 12% upon the installation of the social login extension to the websites of online stores. However, make sure that the extension is installed properly in the system to enjoy its fullest benefit. So, make use of this affordable high-quality social login extension to shorten the tedious process of form filling and help customers carry out the entire process with ease. Don’t go for the cost but for the quality and features offered when purchasing an extension for your business betterment. I hope everyone enjoyed this article and the information provided in it.

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