HR Improvement Ideas For Small Businesses

Human Resources

In an ideal world, every business would have a human resources department, with no expense spared. But, the reality for small businesses, including many small software companies, is they can’t afford it. Often have to make do with what they know – and, to an extent, what they think they know.

If you are a small business owner that is struggling to get to grips with HR and is having problems with staff and regulations, read on. These improvement ideas should help you make things work a lot better for your business.

Human Resources

Understand the landscape

Human resources are for your benefit – not your employees. Big companies have large HR departments to protect themselves. It could be from breaking working regulations, or highlighting poor performance and productivity issues. So, it’s vital that you understand the HR landscape, even if it’s just the basics. Get hold of some HR books to learn the essentials, and keep in touch with any new directives on the government website.


Next up, you don’t have to set up a complete HR department to make sure you have everything covered. Plenty of third party companies out there will give you what you need and keep you on track with your responsibilities. Take your time to choose the right company – you may have to give them sensitive info, so it’s important you can trust them.


Invest in software

Another alternative is to invest in absence control or holiday management software. It will take away some of your pain in tracking sickness within your company, and plan holidays and days off at busy times of the year. It won’t cover you for all your HR responsibilities – but it will free up valuable time.

Invest in a better hiring process

Now let’s look at some of the things you can do that will improve your business regarding HR. First of all, hire the right people. If you invest a little more in finding the right employees, you will spend less time dealing with discipline and problems. Don’t rush into filling up a spot, just because you need something done. Give hiring as long as you can, and only make your decisions after a lot of deliberation. Start with more accurate job descriptions and stick to a consistent interview process across the board.

Right Company

Create a staff handbook

Employees like to know what is expected of them, and they will invest more into your company when they understand what is at stake. An up-to-date employee handbook is an essential tool for communicating what you want. It’s a rule book if you like, that outlines all your expectations and commitments to your staff. It will help people hit the ground running right from their first day.

Staff handbook

Record everything

 Lastly, if there’s one thing on this list that you do, make sure this is it. Track everything that happens in the workplace, from meetings to discipline issues. You will need evidence of how you operate as a company should someone bring an unfair dismissal claim against you. Without it, no judge in the land is going to rule in your favour.

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