Importance of Market research for Advertising Effectiveness

Market research for Advertising

Researching advertisement effectiveness is imperative to marketers seeking to understand how their campaigns are performing. Half of all commercials ads have direct impact on the consumer’s purchasing behavior or brand choice. Only a small share of ads appears to have negative effects on sales.

Market research about the price of a product or service being advertised also has a considerable impact on the advertisement effectiveness. The Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM) – a popular research method by the economist Van Westendorp can help advertisers to assess the market-friendly price for your product or service being promoted. Once you know the competitive offerings in the market and the fair price based on scientifically designed surveys, the chances of your advertisement success become higher.

Market analysis forecast the impact of eventual advertising campaign. It is a preliminary strategy to make the most effective ways to approach advertisement process for selling and developing strategies within the public and private companies.

Advertising is multi-dimensional. Different businesses use advertising as a tool to motivate different markets towards different types of responses. These can be national advertising, industrial advertising, retail advertising, professional advertising or trade advertising. The advertisements that people see are the end results of series of investigations, tactical decisions, strategic planning and the total advertising process. So, advertisement effectiveness evaluation and analysis are the most important services.

Regardless of the creative standards and quality of the advertisements, online campaigns or TV commercials are not effective unless the audiences have interests in the advertised products and services. Market research indicates who are your target audiences and generalise information such as demographic information. In addition, it can even identify and interpret financial data for a specific category of prospective consumers.  The advertising agencies can understand and interpret the behavioural pattern of people and their thought process through advertising research. Without a quality researcher, campaigns will have to struggle in demonstrating the factual statistics to attract target audiences.

The primary reasons behind advertisement research:

 Market research allows clients to encourage experimentation and use the research report to sort out the strength and the weakness. Producing an impressive advertisement is an art and research can contribute towards creative development process by bringing the consumer into the process.

Research, work as an effective tool for predicting consumer’s response to advertising. It helps the agency to find out what their consumers prefers and accordingly work towards it. They try to do something unusual and offbeat keeping in mind the advertiser’s brand and budget. As a result, sales-effective advertising come into effect and merge the imaginative needs of the agency and the sales demand of the advertisers.

Market analysis evaluates consumer behaviour to measure advertisement effectiveness. An effect of any advertisement is a step that starts with an awareness of the existence of what is being advertised via the knowledge of what the product or services has to offer. It also discovers the favourable attitudes, preferences and the conviction that the purchase would be wise.

Advertisement can influence the consumer behaviour and can also be vice-versa to manifest its effectiveness. For instance, with the help of the clickthrough rates of a banner advertisement on the web, it can be used to measure the response of the consumer towards the advertising effectiveness.

Products and services represent the motivation of the advertisement. As we know the main purpose of advertisement is to increase the sales of products or the use of a service. In a way, it improves the corporate image to make people believe that the company is trustworthy and benevolent. So researching advertising effectiveness reflects the level of motivation such as profit and brand value of a product.

Research tactics may consist of the following means:

  • Statistical interpretation
  • Qualitative analysis and interpretation
  • Target audiences analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Brand identification of strength and weaknesses
  • Quantitative analysis and interpretation
  • Interpretation of insights from consumers
  • Ambush interview.

 Market research is when you have narrowed down a specific ‘target’ and want to learn about the behaviour of the target. Market analysis is an essential aspect of advertisement world to secure information about the consumers. It is necessary to find out the market-conditions-competition and the marketing activities of the competitors covering every important component of the marketing mix.

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