Never Considered Planning Your Website Design Strategy? May Be It’s Time Now

Website Design Strategy

When you plan to build a new website, you are usually very excited about it. You put all your efforts in planning everything, from choosing the colors of the website to the marketing strategies. However, what you often fail to do is determine a strong web design strategy. Well, if I had to build a thirty storied building or play soccer or (for that matter) search a treasure hunt, would it be possible without a blueprint? No! This is a strong enough reason that suggests the importance of need of strategy to design a successful website.

What most people do is build a website without planning a design strategy and then end up spend a handsome amount on redesigning the same. In fact, I have also come across people who often neglect the fundamentals of a website. What they desire for, is a website that looks great, overlooking the purpose of the website. This is sad, but true.

Website Design Strategy

Therefore, it is important for you to plan a website design strategy before you jump into hiring a designer or a content writer or a developer. You must have a clear understanding of what your website aims to do. If you really want to develop a good web design strategy, begin with determining the website layout before you meet your designer and copy writer.

Strategic Planning is Essential

Unless you know your goal, you will never be able to live up to the expectations of the people. When a runner comes into the field, he knows he has to get to the finish line before everyone does, no matter what it takes. Similarly, launching a good website requires you to know your goals. This will further help you in taking appropriate actions.  To launch a successful website, you need to know your goal. This can be judged on the basis of three important aspects:

  • Measuring the visitors that come to your website
  • Defining the percentage inquires about a product/service
  • Understanding how to crack the final deal

Let’s take a look at each one of them in detail, so that you can have a  clear idea of what steps you can take to effectively plan your website design strategy.

Measuring the visitors that come to your website

It is only the purpose of your website which will attract the qualified visitors to your website. Say for example, the aim of your website is to entertain the visitors with images and video of their choice. Now, if you do not have quality images, that are high resolution and load quickly on your website, you will never be able to attract your audience. Therefore, it is essential for you to win the online marketing strategy to attract the audience on your website. This is so far the first step you need to take while planning your web design strategies.

You do do a lot to spread awareness about your website. Social media marketing is probably the best thing that can provide your website with maximum customers. Therefore, make sure you have an exceptional social media profile. Then identify the kind of people you want to attract on your website and share quality content with them.

You will notice a flow of qualified customers on your website. Measure the visitors to know the traffic on your website and this is how you have achieved your first step.

Defining the percentage inquires about a product/service

Directing the traffic to your website is essential, but it is not the only thing you need to do. Consider traffic generation as your beginning. Once it is done, now you will have to define the percentage of visitors who put an inquiry for the products and services you offer. One thing you need to understand is that it is the overall design and the content of your website which will encourage your visitor to become a lead and inquire about the products and services offered on your website. It is important for a web design strategy to have a defined percentage and success rate of the traffic becoming a valuable lead.

Set a ratio, so that it gives you a path to achieve your goal. Suppose that you have a traffic rate of 25 and want to convert at least one into a successful lead. This means out of every hundred visitors on your site, you will have 4 lead. If you aim at getting 25 leads per month, you will need to attract at least 625 visitors on your website.

Understanding the way to crack the final deal

It is important to understand the way of converting a lead into a loyal customer. This is the last, but the most crucial aspect of web design strategy. There are many software that help you track your lead. However, it would totally rely upon your sales call. Therefore, instead of making cold calls, make your marketing people work hard. Keep a track on the changes that take place in the conversion rate. This will in-turn help you formulate better marketing strategies.

To Sum it Up

 Although you may never have thought of planning the website design strategies until now, consider this to be a kick start. You will be better able to build a successful website with the help of designers, developers and writers, only if you have a foolproof, well-tested plan in hand before meeting these guys.

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