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Once upon a time, franchises were made in boardrooms. People of great stature in the company were standing and sitting, disagreeing, agreeing, arguing, enthusiastic and energetic at the challenge of creating their brand. Each person would share their own version of where the business could go and what it could look like. Presentations and slides were the ammo of choice for these visionary people. Now, the world has changed. It’s literally picked up and shifted completely over to the online world. No longer do you need to have make or break meetings. Every person in the business you have hired can bring you their version of the brand. By that same token, you can create a team of designers and give them the online tools they need to bring your vision to life. Of course, you can still hire experts and bring in talent on a commission basis but all other routes are the second and third option now. Online tools can help build the brand you want.

Product designing

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Product designing

Product design is a stage of the business that many believe should be left up to artists and professional designers. However, since you have online tools at your fingertips, all kinds of people from different departments can be involved in the process like never before. Marketing, sales and research and development teams can all have their input included. Take a look at this list of online product tools that are geared toward many different aspects, including source coding, clothing graphic design, HTML5 for apps, and software i.e. services design. All of these services are subscription based or at least have the option to be. So if you don’t like one design tool then you’re not hooked in for very long nor do you waste money on a large one-time buy. You may even find it better to mix and match for each department so they can design things their own way. However, you should have one final design team and tool that is the overall look of the business. For ease of use and quicker creations, give the tools some departments feel they need to get their point across.

Logo and business card

The most important design of all for your business is going to be the logo. It will be the face that meets and greets everybody even before you have formally introduced yourself. In fact, most people don’t even read your business name first, as imagery is much more powerful for a first glance and introduction. On devs journal, there is an article about a company called The Hoth. They supply an online platform for you to design your own logo and business card. Using their graphics and art style, you can make a logo that is unique and befitting of your style. Matching the logo with the business card shouldn’t be difficult since you’re using the same tool to do both. Once finished, all you need to do is save in your profile the creation, and download it to begin printing.

There are so many free and professional services online that allow you to build your brand from scratch. You can use multiple for different tasks instead of asking one product to do it all for you.

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