Promoting Your Business: 5 Awesome Freebies

Awesome Freebies

Everyone loves a freebie, especially at trade shows and networking events. So next time you set up a stall at one of these useful events, remember to take some products that visitors can take away with them. This is one of the best forms of marketing, especially if you think of some cool products that people will want to use regularly. If the product has your company name on, there is no way anyone is going to forget about you! So which promotional products make the best freebies? Here are five awesome ones.

Awesome Freebies




Many companies have mugs with their name and logo printed on them. They usually put them in their office kitchen so that employees can use them. However, you should also consider taking them to a trade show and giving them away. That way, every morning when someone is making their cup of coffee, they will see your business’s brand and be reminded of you.


Mouse Pad

Printed mouse mats are super useful these days as everyone is spending more and more time on their computers. So why not have your company’s name staring up at them the whole time while they work? This way, your business will always be in their mind. If they ever need the type of services that you offer, they won’t need to Google search a possible company anymore. They just need to check the mouse pad for your website address!



Making keyrings is especially useful for businesses who offer a specialist trade, such as an electrician or plumber. We often need these companies in times of emergency. And people will want to keep your phone number close, so they don’t have any problem calling you. Our keys are valuable and rarely go missing, so a keyring is a great place for someone to keep your number on. Whenever they need to phone you, they just need to reach for their keys!



Getting your name printed on a t-shirt can see your company being shared far and wide! After all, your name will be traveling as far as the wearer goes. And you will find that many people will want to take a t-shirt when you offer them at the trade show. That’s because we all love free clothes! Try to think of a funny and witty slogan to go on the shirt alongside your name. That will attract more people’s attention to it, rather than if you just had your logo on.


Bottle Opener

Another product that can help spread the word about your company is a bottle opener. Expect this to be passed around a lot at parties! A bottle opener might not seem like a big deal, but you’ll be surprised how effective small promotional items can be! Make sure you have your company name and web address printed or etched somewhere onto the opener.

Bored of traditional marketing methods? Don’t worry; these promotional freebies are a fun way to market your company to potential clients and customers!

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