SEO industry is being cooked-up by spammers – Did you dare to protest till now?


It is enough of enough. I am afraid how spammers and harming SEO industry. The degree of manipulation and malpractice has reached to the limit. Do you see the same as I am experiencing?  If you apply even 1% of your common sense, you will understand where we are staged at this moment. It is shame to see people ruining this SEO industry.

It is my opinion. Thank God, I am not influenced by anyone or associated with anyone in my workplace who support such malpractice. I don’t know even a single stupid spammer will read my post. But those who have a sensible head on their shoulders will sure repent after reading this post.

My question to spammers –

I want to reach those useless guys and ask – “What the hell are they doing? How great job are they doing by creating junks? How long could they survive like this? Is it a way to make pool of money? How dare they promote black hat SEO? Have all of them gone mad?

black hat seo

What is your take?

Did you ever give it a thought?  Didn’t you see how so-called SEO optimizers, SEO executives (certain spammer’s network) are offering you loads of unsolicited links? Do you know someone like this in your closed circle? If you know, it is high time you avoid making deals with them. Try to negate their malpractice and help this industry grow successfully.

Who is the culprit here?

I suppose both – the cooked-up webmasters – for doing everything illegal possible in this earth and Google – for overlooking these transparent facts.

What are they trying to do? Influencing others to cheat Google is never a good practice. I really take pity on those sick people who are simply making Google fool around.

I am even more surprised – How Big G is tolerating all these cheap games? You will see many blogs/sites having worst content but backed by junk backlinks are gaining high Page Rank to Google. They are maintaining this rank for 2-5 years or so. Yet, there is no record of penalization for them from Google.

Hey, Google – Are you listening to me? I don’t want to comment about others as of now.

Know the reality:

Yes, I am not talking about exceptions. It is fact that there are millions of website/ blogs that do not even qualify to be on web. Forget about their uniqueness, quality and usefulness.  They have grown their networks like anything and Google has continued boosting their Page Ranks.  Just think how many high PR sites of no use are doing great business in this world. I have witnessed this. I am shocked to see how they are spreading the virus and infecting good quality sites. Is Google very much neutral to those malpractices?

How Google with such strong search engine bots could  provoke these crimes so long?  I feel sad for Google’s ranking policy.

I take pity on spammers too –

Whenever, I see webmasters offering me garbage links and doing all sorts of nuisance on web, I feel disheartened. It is embarrassing to see how educated/semi-educated guys are collecting scrap links day after day. It seems there has been a growing community of spammers who just work on pea nuts and mess up Web.  The network is so strong and the greed is so high, that it is difficult to get out of the circle.

If such things continue for long, say another 5 years down the line – the days are not far when clients will stop outsourcing SEO work and form a SEO team in-house.  What will happen to those spammers? How will they earn their livelihood?

Measures that you can take –

Are you a SEO professional by heart? If you have the gut-feeling you can do a lot to clean this web world.

Here are a few things you could do. These are really simple.

  • Never buy links in bulk that you are not sure of. Check with site authority and domain value
  • Avoid using automated tools as much as you can
  • Weigh the website profile you are getting backlinks. PR is not the sole criteria.
  • Don’t rely on content syndication software. Submit articles manually.
  • Don’t accept contextual links from irrelevant blogs or posts.
  • Never use spin version of an article. Even if you do be in a limit and add maximum variation.
  • Write yourself or employ good writers to do it for you.
  • Build a variety of link profile for your SEO campaign. Maintain a mix of links through – article submission, text link development, directory submission, contextual link building, social bookmarking, business listing, dofollow commenting, paid reviews, ad display, Google base submission, local listing – you need to have link juice from every different source.
  • Finally, hire a White Level SEO service provider. Don’t just compromise on quality for price.

So, do you feel recharged now? Do you take pledge not to allow any spam SEO technique? Will you protest like me?

You have time to do so; you have brain to do so. Just have zeal to help SEO industry grow like other ITes sectors.

It is for all of our benefit. There is no harm to be good but to be bad. Isn’t it?

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