The Turnover Problems Gnawing At Your Team

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Anyone who has been managing a team long enough can attest to the fact that there is a growing talent gap in the workforce. As such, it’s becoming more important to not only find the talent that’s becoming harder to find, but also to keep talented members on your team. That can be difficult, however, if you’re not aware of the problems that are leading to turnover in the first place. If you have trouble holding onto your workers, then you need to address why that might be the case. Here are a few of the common causes you should look at.

A bad workplace culture

The workplace is more than just the physical environment. Your team’s experience of work is more than just the role that they have to fulfil. It can be hard to pin down, but there is a workplace culture that you should make sure that you always keep an eye on. There are many signs of a toxic workplace. Take a week to observe to see how many of those signs manifest in your own. Changing a toxic workplace always begins from the top-down, so you need to take action to change how the team works and interacts with one another if you want to see a real difference.

Overwhelming amounts of work

If your team is finding themselves overwhelmed by how much work they have to do, it’s not a problem of motivation or productivity. It’s a systematic problem that has to be addressed. You may need to look at hiring more staff or what automating tools you can use to take some of the work off of their plate.

Aged care, nursing, and hospitality businesses typically face such challenges of managing team availability, recurring shifts, scheduling, and time tracking. Your support teams would prefer a rostering app that helps them check shift availability, assignments, time reporting real-time and improve collaboration and efficiency. While choosing home care rostering software can solve most of these management productivity issues for support teams, the business owners too can benefit from a customized dashboard view to know the ‘what, why, when and where’ of any team information in moments.

Burnout, whether that be retail or physician burnout, is a very real problem in the workplace across various industries, and over the past few years, in particular, employees have been showing an increased willingness to walk away from jobs that feel exploitative or are overworking them. You need to do what you can to ensure that this isn’t happening in your business.

A lack of flexibility

Flexibility has been one of the biggest desires in the workplace for a while now, and the recent pandemic has only sped this trend up. If employees feel like they have no control over when and how they work, they are growing increasingly aware of the places that will offer them what they want. You may need to update your business to be more flexible, whether it’s allowing for different work schedules with the help of rota scheduling software, or making use of team communication software that can allow them to work remotely. It can come with some growing pains, but increased flexibility in the workplace has been largely shown to make teams more productive. The fears that many employers and managers have about losing control over their team seem to be largely unfounded.

They feel there is no future there

Workers no longer expect to spend the majority of their careers working in one place. They have been taught and conditioned to always be looking for professional growth and opportunity, a mindset that was born out of the changes to the corporate ladder as it got increasingly exclusive. To that end, you should make sure that your team feels like they have always have access to learning and development opportunities. Provide access to courses. Offer mentorship relationships with the business. Delegate wisely, affording real opportunities to learn and gain experience with skills and responsibilities that matter. The talent that you want to keep are precisely the kind of people to look for opportunities to move on if they feel they are stagnating in their work.

You’re not paying enough

Sometimes, managers and employers will do anything to address the elephant in the room that their pay simply isn’t very good. However, while it’s not always the most important thing in how fulfilling a job role is, it will always play a role. To that end, you should make sure that you’re addressing compensation in the business. Even if you’re not able to increase their actual pay, you might be able to look into benefits and other forms of reward that can make their job more worth staying in. However, at some point, there is going to come a time when the pay package is the sole issue that needs to be addressed and you shouldn’t try to avoid it forever.

If you’re serious about preventing and reducing staff turnover in your business, then it’s essential that you use some real introspection to find the faults of your business. You can’t grow without a little critical analysis.

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