Top 10 Freelance Business Ideas For Free


Freelancing is one of the fastest ways to start earning money as a side hustle. It can allow you to have freedom over your schedule, your finances, your work and your location. The rewards of freelancing and working for yourself are amazing. You don’t have to worry about having money to start your business. 

The freelance business ideas listed below are all free to start up and run without investing money you may not have. Once the income starts to flow in, you can look into paid ways of advertising your business. In fact, if you are brand new to freelancing, it is smarter to start off free.

Even if you have money to put into a business, don’t accidentally invest in something you may not end up continuing to follow through with. So, check out the freelance business ideas below and research them completely, it is a great start to branch out from.

Run Wellness Product Selling Business Online

Healthcare and beauty products can be a good option to start selling online. This is one of the most profitable business categories with a large user base and variety of product options. First, evaluate what ingredients and products are currently trending in the beauty and skincare industry. Why and where those products get sold the most. Spend quality time on brainstorming about how to start a skincare business and from where. Choose the correct product supplier, do competitive pricing analysis, set up delivery networks, and launch an e-commerce store. With all these, you are ready to floor the market. You can sell food supplements, products for body care, skin care and hair care, spa equipment, tools and accessories and more.

Start a blog

In 2020, blogging has become a profitable online profession and people at large start a blog to get into this noble profession. Is blogging still worth it? The short answer is yes, doing blogging in 2020 is worthwhile. If you want to speed up the process of launching your blog, there are three simple things you can do right now: register a domain name at a top-notch domain registrar such as Namecheap; set up a quick, affordable and easy to handle website hosting with a company like Flywheel (our personal hosting) and choose a simple and fast loading WordPress theme to begin working on your first post. You can also outsource your blog management in case you’re diving into this for first time.

Social Media Marketing

If you have creative flair and understand how engaging multimedia content can be used in marketing, then a freelance career as a social media marketer may be for you. As a freelance social media expert, you can help companies understand how to use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and every other platform to reach their business goals.

 YouTube Video Creation

Making money via YouTube is no longer exclusive to platinum musicians or huge influencers. There are plenty of opportunities for everyday people to make money from YouTube, creating great video content on their channels. For you to start making money on YouTube, you have to enable monetization in your YouTube account settings. From there, you have options to join the YouTube Partners Program or have your videos listed on YouTube Premium.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are very in-demand online. People need logos, infographics, memes, blog post cover photos and more made all the time. To become a graphic designer, you need to build marketable skills that employers and client’s value, including strong drawing skills, thorough knowledge of graphic design theory, mastery of design software, and a comprehensive understanding of professional standards. Whether you plan on pursuing a traditional degree or self-guided training outside of school, follow these steps to ensure you have the basic qualifications to be successful.

Web Design

Web designers are also in high demand and contrary to a popular belief, you don’t need a fancy bachelor’s degree in computer science to become one. The road to becoming a web designer can take a lot of twists and turns, however. If you want to become a web designer, but you have no idea where to start, this guide is for you.


Copywriters create content for promotional and commercial use. Copy can be used for advertising, websites, billboards, email campaigns, newsletters, you name it. As a freelance copywriter, you may find yourself creating catchy taglines for magazine advertisements or composing a unique blog article optimized for the web. Freelance copywriters can work directly with clients, or through intermediaries such as agencies or online work exchanges.

Stock Photography

Looking for ways to make some money with your photography? Many photographers are finding that selling stock imagery is a great opportunity to turn their creativity into cash. Ready to get started? There are plenty of popular stock imagery sites that you can submit your images to. Here are two of the most popular to start with: Getty Images and Shutterstock.

Content Writing

Becoming a freelance content writer is an excellent work-at-home opportunity for professional, deadline-driven solopreneurs who want to make a living helping companies create effective digital marketing content. Good writing skills are all you need to get started. Here is a list of the best freelance websites for writers looking for new clients and gigs.

Game Development

According to google trends, the video game industry has been experiencing growth for a few years now. Luckily, this means that jobs are opening up all over the place for video game designers, developers, animators, and modelers. The next five years look promising for those interested in a career in gaming. Here is everything you need to know in order to become a computer game developer.

Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative online business opportunity; you can earn a lot of commission from promoting other people’s products online and offline. If you already have a website that’s driving in targeted traffic, one of the easiest side business ideas is to make passive income from the content you’re already creating. Amazon Associates and ShareASale are two of the best affiliate networks and tools that can help you make money from the content you already produce, thus amplifying your side business ideas income.

How to know which freelance business idea is right for you?

There are loads of great options to start a fun and profitable freelance business right away.

Flow – What you’re really good at. What skills do you have now, and what skills are you interested in mastering? What kind of work do you do that makes it feel like time just flies by without you even noticing?

Money – What pays and sustains you. What is there is demand for? You might love building lego models of cities but is anyone going to pay for them?

Joy – What makes you happy. What kind of work do you love doing? Hopefully this overlaps with the kind of work that puts you in a flow state.

If you can find an idea that hits on all three of these areas, you’ve got a winner!

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