Top tactics to increase email click through rates

Increase clickthrough-rates

Getting customers to click through to your website brings them one step closer to a purchase, or engaging with the services your business provides. As a result, it’s important to get the most clicks possible from marketing emails and newsletters. There are a few tricks and tactics that any business can employ in order to maximise conversions (and hopefully revenue from email marketing strategies.

Increase clickthrough-rates

Get more subscribers regularly

New subscribers tend to be the most likely to click links, and this likelihood decreases over time. It’s a good idea to make sure that your business is actively seeking out new subscribers on a regular basis.

Invest in professional design

Hiring a digital design agency is always a worthwhile investment. Around 80% of people won’t delete good looking emails, especially if they’re well optimised for mobile devices. Getting the right design services onboard will make your emails more aesthetically pleasing, which will certainly help convert readers into clicks to your main site or products.

Optimise for mobile

Desktop users are much less likely to open marketing emails and newsletters than mobile users. As a result, it makes sense to focus on high quality, mobile optimised emails that target and favour mobile users.

Use video

Emails no longer need to be limited to written content alone, and using video can be a far more engaging way of getting your readers interested. Embedding video in emails can lead to some impressive results – up to 90% increased click-thru rate, around 24% increased conversion rates, and a rise in sharing. Additionally, people are much more likely to read the content of an email that contains video. In fact, simply including the word ‘video’ in an email can increase the chances of the email being read, and clicks being generated.

Choose your ‘from’ address carefully

If your business has an email account set up specifically for marketing purposes, then taking care over how your address is presented can have a surprisingly significant impact. Users are quick to identify a ‘from’ address that looks like spam, which is where such mails usually end up. Making your address business friendly, readable and authentic looking increases the chances consumers will not only open and read it, but also respond to links and content within.

Concise and interesting subject lines

The email subject line is really important, it’s the first thing your recipient will read. Making first impressions count is crucial to securing the eventual digestion of content and the all important click traffic that it should generate. Make sure to keep a subject line clear and concise. Studies have found that a subject line with 50 or fewer characters is likely to be much more successful than long and unwieldy ones. In essence, keep it catchy and to the point. Mentioning discounts and special offers on products and services is a good idea as well – nearly 40% of users are likely to open an email if the subject line interests them.

Cater for the mobile crowd

The importance of mobile users has already been mentioned, but it is worth noting that using mobile means different input methods. If the bulk of your email campaign is going to mobile users, make sure to alter terminology accordingly. For example, mobile users ‘tap’, rather than ‘click’.

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