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Most internet users today have yet to understand the importance of keyword research as a powerful instrument to surf the web effectively, but certainly there are informative resources and tools that are readily available on the Internet which can help people master its usage. Most are involved with collating keywords that are relevant to business articles, the information’s intent, and the relevance and prevalence of the designated keyword or keywords. One example of a website that specializes in such tools is Google with its keyword search tool  set.  Another, word, offers people online the use of four free tools to aid in keyword search, negative word removal, and other related features. Next is, through which the input of a single word generates a hundred in return, for example. Finally, there is also the similarly-designed keyword The websites mentioned are the first to offer online tools and keyword search. Other sites quickly followed suit.


Google Keyword Search Tools

To describe the importance of such tools, the foremost of these mentioned, Google ad search tools, seemingly became very lucrative in that Google ad words are prized as a sizable segment of their operations, and employs a pay per click structure for ads. For example, by using this tool important keywords in Helium articles are underlined, since such words considered are considered essential to the article as a whole.

Word Stream

The second, Word Stream, was also tested. In appraising how well it worked, a test was made by typing helper words into the box. It was expected that very negligible would be retrieved, but instead an entire list popped up. This clearly showed the efficient way this web tool handles its job. Randomly entered words such as jumble, crossword, spelling, game, community and unscramble produced a high volume of retrieval each, which the tool quickly arranged in order of usage.

Using the word online, which seemed like an ideal word to start with, a further test was made.  Immediately a gaggle of ways to use the word appeared, like online scrabble word helper and scrabble word online helper. Exactly five distinct arrangements were generated from the same group of words. Even with very little content to work on, the tool easily demonstrated its helpfulness. The tool is obviously built with keywords in mind.

Word Tracker

Another selection is Word tracker.  This one poses similarities with the previous tool, and in addition contains a useful filter that enables the removal of offensive and questionable words. It also has an off tool and one that says adult only. Upon testing, it promptly processed the word weather by organizing it into several groupings according to their relevance. Weather by itself became the top group, with 93,056 searches; weather channel a far second with 47,255; and a third group under weather forecast had 29,436. Scanning far below, at 99th is the phrase weather in Spain with 787 searches; with the last group being local seven day forecast with 786.

Keyword Discovery

The tool listed last,, is searchable using Google by entering tools for keywords. This tool seemingly operates similar to the first three. Several other search tool features are listed. Whatever the purpose is for studying keyword usage, many tools are available to cater to each need. Such tools are one of the many reasons that make the Internet a most convenient and most helpful information resource.

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