Website without Ads can also make you good money: How?


If you have a website, it means you are out for a business. Should the statement be true, all modern websites you are seeing have to be full of pop ups and banners? Do you see them right throughout a site every time you open a new site? Do you believe every webmaster tries to keep as many ad slots as possible on their website?

 Online Ads No, you won’t. If revenue generation would only be the reason to launch a website or blog, people won’t make a repeat visit to a site ever. No one wants to get booed by some other’s promotion, that too online. You never buy a newspaper or watch television or surf a site just to see advertisements. Right?

So, those who are planning to launch a website or a blog just to earn from paid ads and ad sense, are in wrong track. Web is not a place granted for dumping.

Now, the big question rises – Why should a website owner make so much of effort and investment to manage a site? What is the business interest here? Are you going to run a charity show on web? Of course,not. There are many ways one can capitalize on a website.

Let us see some other reasons to launch a website other than putting ads.

  1. you can run a consultancy through your website and earn money for the online service you are providing
  2. If you have a blog you can publish other’s post on charge basis. Paid guest posts are good way to earn slow but steady money.
  3. You can put some other website reference in link form and charge small money.
  4. If it is your trade in online, website is a primary medium for all business processes.  E-commerce sites are example of such huge-earning sites.
  5. If yearly investment pains you much, you can look for a sponsor. Having a sponsorship for your website ensure you run it effectively for free.
  6. If your website provides current news, third party product reviews, information on demand, fix a rate for listing or registering them on your portal. Ask money from media agencies and ad agencies to use your platform.

So, there are so many ways you can monetize your website. Of course, banner ads, pop ups, ad sense could be part of your website. But make use of them judiciously. Plan their position well so that your visitors are not disturbed. Ads by no means should irritate a browser, especially when someone is on the roll on your site.

Finally, a website defines your existence and attitude to your readers, followers and fans. So, never hurt them just to make big money. Following points would help you utilize your web-space properly.

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