Few of the Most Popular Web Design Jobs That Can Earn You Money

Popular Web Design Jobs

Web Design is believed to be one of the most popular arenas to build your career in. A thorough training on the subject can lead you towards the most promising career. However, a challenging web designing job requires you to have a number of skill sets; to be precise, to equip yourself with an arsenal of talents related to the following:

  • Animation
  • Graphics
  • Mixed media
  • Photo editing
  • Social media
  • Apps designing
  • Advertising

The increasing number of online businesses has resulted in the high demand of professional Web Designers. You, as a qualified designer, have a number of jobs to choose from. Leave apart the IT (Information Technology) industry, almost every company nowadays needs Web designers for the development and maintenance of their individual websites.

Popular Web Design Jobs

However, following are some of the jobs on demand for Web Design professionals:

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design covers a huge part of Web Design. After all, it is no more limited to designing magazines and newspapers; it has shifted its focus towards making the layout of a website more appealing and unique. Many web designers based across the globe are concentrating on the different aspects of web designing that include logo designing, flash designing, brand identity designing and many more.

Web Designer

If you have got more expertise in HTML and coding, then you might consider building a career in website or webpage designing. Having a good knowledge of computer languages can help you impress clients by developing some appealing websites. However, before you start off, it is better to do freelancing for some time or work in some small firms so as to gather hands-on experience and create an impressive portfolio. Doing so would add more value to your career in the long run.

Art Director

An Art Director, often called as a Creative Director, is responsible for handling a team of artists, designers, photographers and others. Such a team generally works together so as to produce artwork for websites, apps and diverse online platforms. Having an experience of working as a designer for magazines, billboards, television or other media products can be an added advantage.

Technical Illustrator

It is a common belief amongst many individuals around the world that working as an Illustrator does not fall within the purview of web designing. But this is a completely wrong concept. In fact, the skills you would learn while pursuing a course on Web Design would enable you to be an Illustrator. All you need is a sound knowledge on some specific software like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter and etc. Moreover, if you have a flair for three-dimensional images and love creating such images, you can easily build a career as a Technical Illustrator.


This has always been one of the most popular career options for designers. Though, with the passage of time, its focus has shifted to online media, yet its popularity has remained the same. Giving a touch of animation to websites, video games, online advertisements and creating cartoons for online platforms is amongst the recent trends.

Apart from the aforementioned jobs, you would even have a number of other options to utilise your web designing skills and training. You can work towards the designing of e-books, online courses and etc. However, all of these would be possible if you get yourself properly trained from a reputed Web Design institute. You would find a number of training schools offering courses on the subject; but joining any of them won’t serve the purpose; you have to make sure that you are getting enrolled in one of the best institutions in town. For example, if you are a resident of Kolkata, you should join the best Web Design training institute in Kolkata.

This article aims at enlightening you about the diverse jobs on demand for web designers. However, to build a career in any of them, you need to get trained on the subject from a famous Web Design training institute in Kolkata.

About The Author:

Harry Wilson is a Senior Trainer in a renowned Web Design training institute in Kolkata. He loves to blog about the jobs on demand for web designers.

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