Why Your Website Design Matters


When people go to your business website you want them to feel inspired by what you’re selling. But whether you are selling a service or you are selling a product, you need to appeal to the customer base so that they are buying into your message. The thing is, if your website sucks to look at, people are going to click off of it faster than they clicked on. 

You need to ensure that you have custom WordPress website design where possible so that your website can stand out and be as vibrant as your business really is. People give you about 10 seconds when they jump onto your website. If you’re not impressing them in those 10 seconds they are going to go and find someone else. If you don’t want to turn off the people that help to pay your bills, have a look at these five reasons that your website design really does matter.

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  • The first impression. A good website that is designed well creates an exceptional first impression. If your site looks weird or it’s plain or it’s too busy or it’s outdated – people are going to create a poor impression of your business and then find the website that is more polished. Outdated design, poor user experience (UX), and declining performance metrics are clear signs that you need to consider website redesign services and focus on rebranding and repositioning to gain a competitive advantage. Businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and performance can create a better brand perception and increase leads and conversions.
  • You also must ensure that the website is able to work on desktop and mobile devices – because if you’re not doing this, you’re going to lose a lot of custom. User experience really matters. But so does the look of your site. Research suggests that a simple website design is more beautiful than the visually complex ones and you don’t want to take up too much memory on someone’s iPad. Your website should run smoothly and not lag.
  • It’s a part of building customer trust. You want customers to look at your brand and feel compelled by what you can offer. If your website isn’t working properly they’re not going to be spellbound by you. In fact they are going to think that you’re not serious not about your business and they will go to another competitor who can offer them what they are looking for. It is in this case that looks really do matter.
  • Boosting your search engine optimization. Your website design is going to help you to appear higher in the search results because of SEO. Well designed keywords integrated into your website really can make a big difference!
  • You will cement your brain consistency. If you develop your company into a brand, you’re going to be listening to customers and considering the creation story. Your website should flow well enough to be able to tell the proper story. So you should ensure that your branding is consistent and it’s consolidated and cemented through your website. This is the primary portal for many of your customer experiences and it has to start well if you want customers to continue to come back to you. 

Your website design does matter and now you know how to do it perhaps you could polish up your website and make it stand out.

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